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API Documentation Samples Coding standards Drupal …

1 hours ago Drupal.org Show details

This page is a work in progress. See issue #1916662: Find/create great API docs examples to help out.-----This page is intended to be a collection of the complete API documentation examples, which you can use as starting points to writing documentation that conforms to the Drupal project's API documentation standards.

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How to Write API Documentation: Best Practices and …

9 hours ago Altexsoft.com Show details

For example, including a transcript of fields like it’s done in Medium docs or even creating a mock API for developers to test and use by making real calls. Mock APIs can be easily shared via a URL or on GitHub, and if done to a certain level of detail, even used in the final product.

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Sample API Requests Microsoft Docs

7 hours ago Docs.microsoft.com Show details

In this article. This article shows some example API requests and associated responses. Each example shows a base recommendations scenario along with additional response modification features such as filtering, paging, selecting an …

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Sample Web & REST API Documentation Template Examples

8 hours ago Blog.stoplight.io Show details

A prerequisite to generating any meaningful documentation is an OpenAPI document. This API definition, sometimes called a Swagger file, describes the endpoints, request data, responses, and other details of an API in a machine-readable format. Among the many uses of an OpenAPI document is to generate API reference docs.

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Code samples Documenting APIs

Just Now Idratherbewriting.com Show details

Code samples are like candy for developers. Code samples play an essential role in helping developers use an API. Code is literally another language, and when users who speak that language see it, the code communicates with them in powerful ways that non-code text (however descriptive it is) can’t achieve.

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Sample API Documentation · Apiary

8 hours ago Pandurangpatil.docs.apiary.io Show details

Sample API Documentation • pandurangpatil. Create New API Project. Help. Apiary Powered Documentation. Sign in with Apiary account.

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Great API and Developer Documentation Examples for 2020

Just Now Everydeveloper.com Show details

The best API documentation reaches beyond simple accuracy. Good API documentation makes it easy for developers to use, reference, and explore. Review these 8 examples of great API documentation and emulate them with your own docs. To make the easier, we’ve focused on one primary lesson for each:

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Datumbox API Documentation 1

6 hours ago Datumbox.com Show details

and get your API Key from your member area and download from our API page this documentation and code samples which will help you build your implementation. Additionally while developing your code it is advised to check out our API Sandbox and generate some test requests. Using the Datumbox API or the Website indicates that you have read and

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API Documentation Guide and Best Practices Stoplight

5 hours ago Stoplight.io Show details

API docs, or API description documents, are the collection of references, tutorials, and examples that help developers use your API. Your API’s documentation is the primary resource for explaining what is possible with your API and how to get started.

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GitHub HackerNews/API: Documentation and Samples for the

3 hours ago Github.com Show details

Hacker News API Overview. In partnership with Firebase, we're making the public Hacker News data available in near real time.Firebase enables easy access from Android, iOS and the web. Servers aren't left out.. If you can use one of the many Firebase client libraries, you really should.The libraries handle networking efficiently and can raise events when things change.

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API Documentation Best Practices Swagger Blog

8 hours ago Swagger.io Show details

Example of API users are front end and back end developers. Your API’s documentation needs to cater to both these personas. This can be a hard exercise to follow, but it ensures your API documentation is sustainable and complete, which ensures long term success and ROI. Best Practices in API Documentation

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API Design Guide Documentation Read the Docs

3 hours ago Readthedocs.org Show details

API design also incorporates this quality (through idioms and good documentation). Further, good API design allows developers to integrate their applications with your systems in a decoupled manner; they are able to reuse the resources exposed by your API in previously unimagined ways. Lastly, good APIs are stable and adhere the

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Google Data APIs Samples Google Developers

3 hours ago Developers.google.com Show details

This sample demonstrates displaying data from a Google Spreadsheet on a web page using the JSON output format provided by the Spreadsheet Data API. Gadget samples For more information on creating Google Data API gadgets, see Creating a Google Data Gadget or the full Writing OAuth Gadgets documentation.

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REST API Documentation Templates GitHub

1 hours ago Github.com Show details

REST API Documentation Templates In Markdown. Inspired by @iros's documentation gist. Focus on using the templating Markdown to create comprehensive, structured and helpful API documentation. Structure should be regular and repeated across endpoints and between projects. By example. All templates are provided by example:

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API Documentation Tool Postman

7 hours ago Postman.com Show details

API Documentation. Postman automatically pulls your sample requests, headers, and code snippets. to populate your documentation page with …

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Examples JSON:API

9 hours ago Jsonapi.org Show details

Note: The above example URI shows unencoded [and ] characters simply for readability. In practice, these characters should be percent-encoded, as noted in the base specification. See “Square Brackets in Parameter Names”. Here we want articles objects to have fields title, body and author only and people objects to have name field only.

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Example API documentation GSA GitHub Pages

8 hours ago Gsa.github.io Show details

API docs. Example text about your API. Overview; Getting Started; API calls; Field reference; Frequently Asked Questions; Contact Us; Overview. This section should contain an overview of the data provided and the API purpose. Using the API. We built the API to be as self-documenting as possible, but if you find yourself overwhelmed, we

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Top 10 Free Templates for API Documentation TechSlides

4 hours ago Techslides.com Show details

Webservice API Specification Doc Template – easy, simple, clean API doc template built as a Google Doc page. 5. API Blueprint – gives you awesome tools for your whole API lifecycle. You can generate documentation automatically and much more with this tool. Here are some examples. Also, check out aglio, the API blueprint renderer. 6.

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API Documentation Template (MS Word) – Technical Writing Tools

4 hours ago Ihearttechnicalwriting.com Show details

API Documentation Template (MS Word) – Technical Writing Tools. Use this 28-page MS Word template to document your REST/Web APIs. This template pack includes detailed examples, guidelines, and screenshots. Includes a 16-page How to Write API Document tutorial that explains how to write each section in your API reference documentation.

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What is API Documentation? Swagger Blog

7 hours ago Swagger.io Show details

It’s a concise reference manual containing all the information required to work with the API, with details about the functions, classes, return types, arguments and more, supported by tutorials and examples. API Documentation has traditionally been done using regular content creation and maintenance tools and text editors. API description formats like the …

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REST API Documentation Templates, Tools, and Examples

7 hours ago Rapidapi.com Show details

REST API Documentation Templates, Tools, and Examples. Application Programming Interface or API is a concept in software technology that defines the interactions between multiple applications and data exchange. Developers use APIs to write software, and the interface is how non-programming users interact with applications on their devices.

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API Documentation positionstack

9 hours ago Positionstack.com Show details

API Documentation. The positionstack API was built to offer a straightforward and reliable solution for forward and reverse geocoding, covering more than 2 billion places and addresses worldwide. Features include batch geocoding, multi-language support, embeddable map URLs, and more. API results can be delivered in JSON, XML or geocode-specific

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Web API data operation samples docs.microsoft.com

9 hours ago Docs.microsoft.com Show details

This topic introduces the samples available for each group of operations and how to perform these operations using different languages or libraries. Web API samples list. The following table describes the Dataverse Web API samples and their language-specific implementations.

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Documenting APIs: A guide for technical writers and

2 hours ago Idratherbewriting.com Show details

In this course, after you practice using an API like a developer, you’ll then shift perspectives and “become a technical writer” tasked with documenting a new endpoint that engineers added to an API. As a technical writer, you’ll tackle each element of a reference topic in REST API documentation: Resource descriptions.

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Documenting APIs GOV.UK

8 hours ago Gov.uk Show details

For example, you can ask them to complete common scenarios with your API and see if the instructions you have provided in the documentation help them to complete a task.

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Ecommerce API Examples & Documentation Stuller

2 hours ago Stuller.com Show details

Ecommerce - API Examples & Documentation A variety of APIs are available to you, making it possible to integrate your website with Stuller. Note: Attempting to utilize our APIs is only recommended if you have development resources helping to …

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Examples — Opentrons Python API V2 Documentation

7 hours ago Docs.opentrons.com Show details

To view documentation for version 1 of the API, click here. Examples ¶ All examples on this page use a 'corning_96_wellplate_360ul_flat' ( an ANSI standard 96-well plate ) in slot 1, and two 'opentrons_96_tiprack_300ul' ( the Opentrons standard 300 µL tiprack ) in slots 2 and 3.

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Document your API — API Design Guide 0.1 documentation

7 hours ago Apiguide.readthedocs.io Show details

Should. All APIs must include documentation targeted at the developer that will consume your API.

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Best Practices for API Documentation How to Write API Docs

4 hours ago Blog.api.rakuten.net Show details

For example, when writing a REST API documentation, the GET HTTP verb should always be utilized to retrieve data from a stated resource. Sticking to such well-established conventions will save you the hassle of writing many explanations, making your documentation easier to understand.

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Azure REST API reference documentation Microsoft Docs

8 hours ago Docs.microsoft.com Show details

In this article. Welcome to the Azure REST API reference documentation. Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs are service endpoints that support sets of HTTP operations (methods), which provide create, retrieve, update, or …

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Documentation USA Staffing API Platform

8 hours ago Developer.usastaffing.gov Show details

The Request API provides detailed data about a request made through USA Staffing. The API will return data about the request and links to the sub-entities request appointing authorities, request locations, mission critical occupations, request positions and work schedules. In addition to the data specifically related to the request, direct

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SamplesGenerator API Reference Handsontable Documentation

7 hours ago Handsontable.com Show details

Source code. (opens new window) samplesGenerator.generateColumnSamples (colRange, rowRange) ⇒ object. Generate samples for column. You can control which area should be sampled by passing colRange object and …

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REST API samples Azure DevOps Microsoft Docs

Just Now Docs.microsoft.com Show details

The following example shows how to convert to Base64 using C#. The resulting string can then be provided as an HTTP header in the following format: Authorization: Basic BASE64USERNAME:PATSTRING. REST API. See the following example of getting a list of projects for your organization via REST API. using System.Net.Http; using System.Net.Http

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Get started with the REST APIs for docs.microsoft.com

5 hours ago Docs.microsoft.com Show details

Due to technical constraints, we are only able to document API Version 4.1 and newer using this method. We believe the documentation for API Version 4.1 and newer will be easier to use due to this change. If you are working in TFS or are looking for the older versions of REST APIs, you can take a look at the Pre-Version 4.1 REST API documentation.

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How to write good API documentation MuleSoft

7 hours ago Mulesoft.com Show details

As such, good documentation should be clear and concise, but also visual, providing the following: A clear explanation of what the method/resource does. Call-outs that share important information with developers, including warnings and errors. A sample call with the correlating media type body. A list of parameters used on this resource/method

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Google Docs API Google Developers

9 hours ago Developers.google.com Show details

Using the API. Many of the features that make Google Docs so successful are available through the API. This API lets you read and write documents programmatically so that you can integrate data from various sources leveraging the power of Google Docs. Learn more about the …

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API Documentation ipapi

1 hours ago Ipapi.com Show details

API Documentation. ipapi provides an easy-to-use API interface allowing customers to look various pieces of information IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are associated with. For each IP address processed, the API returns more than 45 unique data points, such as location data, connection data, ISP information, time zone, currency and security assessment

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Weather API OpenWeatherMap

Just Now Openweathermap.org Show details

Simple and fast and free weather API from OpenWeatherMap you have access to current weather data, hourly, 5- and 16-day forecasts. Historical weather data for 40 years back for any coordinate. Weather maps, UV Index, air pollution and historical data

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The Best API Documentation Bradford Fults

2 hours ago Bradfordfults.com Show details

API Keys in Sample Code & Commands. Mostly for your newcomer, if developers can log in to your API documentation site (for instance, to manage their API keys), you should insert their API key into any sample commands or code that you display, making it even easier for them to paste and run them immediately.

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How To Use An API (The Complete Guide) [Simple API Example]

4 hours ago Rapidapi.com Show details

For example, when the Numbers API is introduced, there’s a step that states: “Once you select Numbers API, the first page you’ll see is the API Endpoints subsection.” calling the Endpoints subsection a “Page” when it’s on the left hand side of the workspace with the rest of the webpage was very confusing.

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5 Best API Documentation Tools DreamFactory Software Blog

1 hours ago Blog.dreamfactory.com Show details

Writing API documentation from scratch is time-consuming and complicated, so most businesses rely on API documentation tools to make the job easier. These tools help automate the process of creating and managing the documentation, as well as help format and display the information in a way that makes it easy to read and understand – even for users …

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How to Write Great API Documentation HackerNoon

1 hours ago Hackernoon.com Show details

API documentation should contain a thoughtful introduction, that allows users to gain a quick insight into what your API is all about. The best examples generally feature storytelling that shows your users the potential of your API, and how it interacts with other parts of your developer experience.

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How to write great API documentation?

Tips on how to write and maintain simple, intuitive, and accessible documentation.

  • Maintain a Clear Structure. The glue that holds your documentation together is the structure, and it normally evolves as you develop new features.
  • Write Detailed Examples. Most APIs tend to include many complex API endpoints. ...
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API the Docs is an event for tech writers, API developers, product owners and developer evangelists who embrace documentation as a crucial aspect of a great developer experience.

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API documentation is a fast-growing segment of technical writing. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s the way that software systems communicate with each other. What sets it apart from other types of documentation is that you are writing for an audience of software developers.

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