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5 Examples of Excellent API Documentation (and Why We Think So…

7 hours ago Nordicapis.com Show details

372.939.939Tips on how to write and maintain simple, intuitive, and accessible documentation.

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REST API Documentation Templates, Tools, and Examples

7 hours ago Rapidapi.com Show details

REST API Documentation Templates, Tools, and Examples. Application Programming Interface or API is a concept in software …

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Sample Web & REST API Documentation Template Examples

8 hours ago Blog.stoplight.io Show details

🔗 API Templates Checklist. Before you look for API documentation templates or create your own, take a moment to review what should be included. At a minimum, you’ll need an API reference, which explains the various API

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5 Examples of Excellent API Documentation (and Why We

5 hours ago Nordicapis.com Show details

Example responses ☐ 1. Stripe API Reference. We challenge you to find a discussion about the best API reference docs that doesn’t include …

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Top 10 Free Templates for API Documentation TechSlides

4 hours ago Techslides.com Show details

Webservice API Specification Doc Template – easy, simple, clean API doc template built as a Google Doc page. 5. API Blueprint – gives you awesome tools for your whole API lifecycle. You can generate documentation automatically and much more with this tool. Here are some examples. Also, check out aglio, the API blueprint renderer. 6.

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How to Write API Documentation: Best Practices and …

9 hours ago Altexsoft.com Show details

An API specification is like a template of your future docs, the unified language that describes the design of your API, explains how it functions and what to expect from it. There are a few specifications, such as RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language), OpenAPI (formerly Swagger), and API Blueprint , but there’s a trend going on for combining

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API templates in Azure API Management Microsoft Docs

2 hours ago Docs.microsoft.com Show details

Azure API Management provides you the ability to customize the content of developer portal pages using a set of templates that configure their content. Using DotLiquid syntax and the editor of your choice, such as DotLiquid for Designers, and a provided set of localized String resources, Glyph resources, and Page controls, you have great

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REST API Documentation Templates GitHub

1 hours ago Github.com Show details

REST API Documentation Templates In Markdown. Inspired by @iros's documentation gist. Focus on using the templating Markdown to create comprehensive, structured and helpful API documentation. Structure should be regular and repeated across endpoints and between projects. By example. All templates are provided by example:

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Code samples Documenting APIs

Just Now Idratherbewriting.com Show details

Developer documentation tends to include a lot of code samples. These code samples might not be included with the endpoints you document, but as you create tasks and more sophisticated workflows about how to use the API to accomplish a variety of goals, you’ll end up leveraging different endpoints and showing how to address different scenarios. Code …

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Template Examples DynamicDocs API Advicement

1 hours ago Advicement.io Show details

Template Examples. Show All Contracts Factsheet Invoices Letters. Blank Blank Document. This is a blank template. Open PDF. Invoice Simple Invoice. This template is a simple invoice. Open PDF. Letter Simple Product Letter.

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Example API documentation GSA

8 hours ago Gsa.github.io Show details

Using the API. We built the API to be as self-documenting as possible, but if you find yourself overwhelmed, we organized this site into four major areas. Getting started introduces you to the operations offered by the API. API calls gives you a hands-on experience of those operations with an interactive console.

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REST API for Documents Get Templates API Catalog

1 hours ago Docs.oracle.com Show details

The REST API for Documents enables you to interact with folders and files stored in Oracle Content Management Cloud and to create sites from templates and other sites.

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Document your API — API Design Guide 0.1 documentation

7 hours ago Apiguide.readthedocs.io Show details

Should. All APIs must include documentation targeted at the developer that will consume your API.

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Using Templates For Documentation Driven API Design

5 hours ago Nordicapis.com Show details

API Blueprint: Maintained by Apiary, it’s a standard based on the popular Markdown format that lets you easily generate code from the documentation. Basic Documentation Using API Blueprint. Apiary has put together several API Blueprint examples that can help document an API without having to start from scratch.

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API Documentation

7 hours ago Uploads-ssl.webflow.com Show details

The template is sorted by JSON field column. You might find it useful to do your Click an API method to display it's reference documentation. For example, click GET /api/campaigns/ . An API Reference Page Note, for a GET /api/campaigns/ request the page parameter indicates which set of results to return.

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Sample API Requirements GitHub Pages

5 hours ago 18f.github.io Show details

Process Requirements. Include a beta testing phase. Conduct an API Usability session during the pre-production phase. Create a public repository in the agency’s GitHub account that will be used for managing the project, including: Project Roadmap. Issue Tracker used by staff for development of the API as well as for bug-reporting and other

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Templates API Postmark Developer Documentation

1 hours ago Postmarkapp.com Show details

Required if HtmlBody is not specified. See our template language documentation for more information on the syntax for this field. An optional string you can provide to identify this Template. Allowed characters are numbers, ASCII letters, and ‘.’, ‘-’, ‘_’ characters, and the string has to start with a letter.

Accept: requiredapplication/json
Content-Type: requiredapplication/json

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Great API and Developer Documentation Examples for 2020

Just Now Everydeveloper.com Show details

GitHub’s REST v3 API guide remains a great example of taking a potentially complicated topic and layering complexity one step at a time. It starts with unauthenticated calls, including one that returns a repository, a common object for the GitHub API. Once the dev has initial success, the guide adds authentication, showing an example call to your own profile.

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REST/Web API Template (MS Word) + Tutorial – Templates

Just Now Klariti.com Show details

Use this 28-page MS Word template to document your REST/Web APIs. This template pack includes detailed examples, guidelines, and screenshots. You also get a 16 page How to Write API Document tutorial that explains how to write each section in your API reference documentation.

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GitHub DevExpressExamples/spreadsheetdocumentapi

Just Now Github.com Show details

Files to look at:. Program.cs (VB: Program.vb); Spreadsheet Document API - Execute a Mail Merge in Code. This example demonstrates how to use the Spreadsheet Mail Merge functionality to automatically generate a document based on data retrieved from an object data source. The mail merge template is created in code when the application starts. The data source is …

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CMS API Templates

3 hours ago Developers.hubspot.com Show details

List templates: Create a new template: Update the template: Delete the template: Get the template by ID: Copies the contents of the auto-save buffer into the live template. Updates the auto-save buffer-Gets the current contents of the auto-save buffer: Restores a previously deleted template--Determine if the auto-save buffer differs from the

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Templates API Documentation

5 hours ago Docs.getgophish.com Show details

Templates. A "Template" is the content of the emails that are sent to targets. They can be imported from an existing email, or created from scratch. Additionally, templates can contain tracking images so that gophish knows when the user opens the email. Templates have the following structure:

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Sample API Documentation · Apiary

8 hours ago Pandurangpatil.docs.apiary.io Show details

Sample API Documentation • pandurangpatil. Create New API Project. Help. Apiary Powered Documentation. Sign in with Apiary account.

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API Documentation Guide and Best Practices Stoplight

5 hours ago Stoplight.io Show details

Whether your API is meant for internal use, exposed to partners, or fully public, developers will need both complete and accurate REST and OpenAPI documentation examples to best complete their integrations. In this API documentation guide, we’ll cover the basics of how to document APIs and different types of documentation.

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API Documentation Template Bit.aiAPI Documentation

1 hours ago Bit.ai Show details

2.Create a Acme developer app. 3. Generate your app’s API keys and user’s access tokens. 4. Generate your app’s bearer token. 5.Apply and receive access to the desired API. 6.Find the documentation , libraries, code examples, and other resources that you need to make your first successful request.

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The Best REST API Template The ReadMe Blog

1 hours ago Blog.readme.com Show details

The Best REST API Template. We tend to set a low bar when it comes to documenting our APIs. Developers can stomach poring over dense docs for a product that they're interested in using, such as Google Maps or Twitter. Spending hours, days, weeks and falling into a support-searching rabbit-hole on Stack Overflow is practically an industry standard.

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Generate Images and PDFs with a Simple API and Highly

3 hours ago Apitemplate.io Show details

Templates for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest, and other social media Add text to image or add a caption to images/photos via API Support …

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API Documentation Samples Coding standards Drupal Wiki

1 hours ago Drupal.org Show details

This page is a work in progress. See issue #1916662: Find/create great API docs examples to help out.-----This page is intended to be a collection of the complete API documentation examples, which you can use as starting points to writing documentation that conforms to the Drupal project's API documentation standards.

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Documenting your REST API · GitHub

6 hours ago Gist.github.com Show details

$.Sample Call: <Just a sample call to your endpoint in a runnable format ($.ajax call or a curl request) - this makes life easier and more predictable.> Notes: <This is where all uncertainties, commentary, discussion etc. can go. I recommend timestamping and identifying oneself when leaving comments here.>

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Api Documentation Website Templates from ThemeForest

Just Now Themeforest.net Show details

$5.Get 93 api documentation website templates on ThemeForest. Buy api documentation website templates from $5. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers.

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API Documentation Template (MS Word) + API Writing Tutorial

2 hours ago Ivanwalsh.e-junkie.com Show details

Use this template to document your REST/Web APIs. MS Word Template - Includes a very detailed 28 page MS Word template with examples, guidelines, and screenshots to get you started. Writing Tutorial - 16 page How to Write API Document tutorial that explains how to write each section in your reference documentation. Easy to use - edit the MS Word document, …

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Sample API documentation Phoons

2 hours ago Phoons.com Show details

This document, a FrameMaker document matching the client’s FrameMaker template, was almost entirely created by my custom doclet. I illustrated to the client how I could create 1200 pages of skeleton API documentation from their Java code in a day or so, saving them at least 3 weeks of typical technical writer typing and enabling their writers

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API Gateway mapping template and access logging variable

4 hours ago Docs.aws.amazon.com Show details

RSS. This section provides reference information for the variables and functions that Amazon API Gateway defines for use with data models, authorizers, mapping templates, and CloudWatch access logging. For detailed information about how to use these variables and functions, see Working with models and mapping templates .

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Custom template APIs Google Tag Manager Templates

8 hours ago Developers.google.com Show details

addEventCallback. The addEventCallback API allows you to register a callback function that will be invoked at the end of an event. The callback will be invoked when all the tags for the event have executed, or if an in page event timeout is reached. The callback is passed two values, the id of the container that invokes the function and an object that contains information …

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Azure API Management Developer portal templates

5 hours ago Docs.microsoft.com Show details

For more information about working with templates, see How to customize the API Management developer portal using templates. Note. This documentation content is about the deprecated developer portal. You can continue to use it, as per usual, until its retirement in October 2023, when it will be removed from all API Management services.

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APIWriting / APIDocumentation

3 hours ago Api-writing.blogspot.com Show details

Sample API Template- Here is the sample API Template for C/C++ language: API name [Write API name here] Synopsis [Provide brief description of the API] Include(s) [Provide name of header files to be included.] Library / Libraries [Provide name of associated libraries] Syntax / Prototype [Detailed Syntax of API, here example of C++] int function

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RestTemplate (Spring Framework 5.3.15 API)

3 hours ago Docs.spring.io Show details

Synchronous client to perform HTTP requests, exposing a simple, template method API over underlying HTTP client libraries such as the JDK HttpURLConnection, Apache HttpComponents, and others. The RestTemplate offers templates for common scenarios by HTTP method, in addition to the generalized exchange and execute methods that support of less frequent cases.

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Documenting APIs GOV.UK

8 hours ago Gov.uk Show details

For example, the GDS Technical Documentation Template uses a light grey background for inline code and code blocks. Make sure that code snippets: work if users copy and paste them - minimise

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API Documentation Template ESP32 — ESPIDF Programming

7 hours ago Docs.espressif.com Show details

Note. INSTRUCTIONS. Prepare one or more practical examples to demonstrate functionality of this API. Each example should follow pattern of projects located in esp-idf/examples/ folder.. Place example in this folder complete with README.md file.. Provide overview of demonstrated functionality in README.md.. With good overview reader should be able to understand what …

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Test Plan Template: Sample Document with Web Application

9 hours ago Guru99.com Show details

API: Application Program Interface: AUT: Application Under Test: Download the above Test Plan Template Format. Sample Test Plan Document Banking Web Application Example 1 Introduction. The Test Plan is designed to prescribe the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of all testing activities of the project Guru99 Bank.

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docusignapi C# DocuSign API: Pulling server template

4 hours ago Stackoverflow.com Show details

Essentially, my goal is to get an embedded workflow (not envelope email flow) working with a server template so I can use tablabels and what not flowing off that server template. For example 009 (use a server template with email flow), as I understand it, the template is first created using eg008 and then later utilised via eg009 use a template.

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OpenAPI Specification Version 3.0.3 Swagger

3 hours ago Swagger.io Show details

Field Name Type Description; openapi: string: REQUIRED.This string MUST be the semantic version number of the OpenAPI Specification version that the OpenAPI document uses. The openapi field SHOULD be used by tooling specifications and clients to interpret the OpenAPI document. This is not related to the API info.version string.: info: Info Object: …

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Automated PDF Generation With DynamicDocs API Advicement

3 hours ago Advicement.io Show details

Dynamic PDFs. Typesetting and formatting headaches are a thing of the past with LaTeX. Write templates and easily set margins, leading, kerning and justification. Display text, images and charts without any issues. Once your template is set up, you can call the API with data in JSON format to create truly dynamic documents.

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How to write API documentation?

Tips on how to write and maintain simple, intuitive, and accessible documentation.

  • Maintain a Clear Structure. The glue that holds your documentation together is the structure, and it normally evolves as you develop new features.
  • Write Detailed Examples. Most APIs tend to include many complex API endpoints. ...
  • Consistency and Accessibility. ...
  • Think About Your Documentation During Development. ...
  • Conclusion. ...

What is application template?

An application template is a ready to use document which is framed or drafted by experts. These documents are framed in such a way that the users can fill in required details with the aim to customise the template.

What is an API reference?

API is an acronym which stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of predefined rules and specifications that a software program can follow to use the services and resources provided by another software program.

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